Our music has been used in a bunch of TV shows, movies, internet ads, and other stuff. Check it out below. (Click on the titles for video evidence that we're not lying!)


"The Sun & Earth" is featured in this critically acclaimed film starring Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte.

Disney's Morning Light trailer
"The Sun & Earth" was featured in the trailer for this Disney documentary about a sail boat race.

The Company Men trailer
"The Sun & Earth" appears at the beginning of the trailer for this film, which stars Ben Affleck.

Middle Of Nowhere
This 2008 Susan Sarandon film includes the song "The Sun & Earth".


MLB Network's This Week In Baseball
MLB Network used "Man Of The People" in a compilation of Derek Jeter's best career moments to commemorate his 3,000th hit.

AMC's Breaking Bad season 4 promos
"Brother John" appears in the trailers for season 4 of this AMC show.

Showtime's Shameless (3 episodes)
"Man Of The People" appeared in two episodes of the first season of this Showtime series. Two previously unreleased tracks, "Boxer" and "If It Bleeds", were used in an episode in the second season. / AT&T
"Joyful Noise", from the album The Sun & Earth, appears in this / AT&T ad.

USA Network's Covert Affairs trailer
"Man Of The People" was used in the trailer for this show, which aired on the USA network.

ABC's Flash Forward episode
"Brother John" appears in an episode of this ABC show during a scene in a dive bar. The song plays in the background on a jukebox. (2:30 minute mark in the video linked above)

Harley Davidson "Ride Free" ad campaign
Our song "Brother John" was used in this ad campaign for Harley Davidson, which aired on Fox and ESPN throughout the 2008 holidays.

HBO Signature Films ad
"The Sun & Earth" plays throughout this ad for HBO Signature Films, which aired nationally.

2008 MTV Video Music Awards
"Man Of The People" was used in this broadcast to introduce Danity Kane, who were presenting a portion of the show.

Showtime's Weeds (YouTube, 8:58)
Our song "Momma" (featuring Jason Moore and Aaron Gause of the band RPM) was used during the end credits of the premiere episode of the sixth season.

MTV's 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom
The songs "Palindrome" and "He Take Ride" have been featured on these MTV reality shows about teen pregnancy.


World Hunger Year - Serve3 Compilation CD
We wrote the song "I Hope You're Upset" specifically for this benefit album.  Other artists who contributed include Bruce Springsteen, Joss Stone, and My Morning Jacket.